Welcome to Greens


Our Role

Let's ask you a couple of Questions

Would you like to dress and carry yourself in a way that:

- Suits your personality

- Suits your approach to life

- Suits your own style

- Suits your aspirations

Well, you can and we at Greens are here to help you achieve that.

Do you find clothes shopping a drag, a chore, a hassle and something to be put off? Do you sometimes feel you are wasting your valuable time and money? Are you frustrated?

If any of that rings a bell with you, we can change that for you and make your development of your personal wardrobe a good experience that produces the right results for you in a way that suits your idiosyncracies (We all have them), your style and your approach.

We can learn together how we can dress you just right for your circumstances – we will work closely with you and we will not impose our opinions on you. We’ll make the construction and maintenance of your wardrobe a relaxing, simple and enjoyable experience, plus we believe we can save you both time and money.

Our Ethos

We at Greens pride ourselves on producing the right comfort, style and panache for our clients and their wardrobes across styles, fits, fabrics and colours. We are driven by promoting in our clients a sense of fun and fulfillment in the development and evolution of their dressing style as well as their shopping experience – Why should it all be a chore or a drag with sometimes disappointing results?

We want our customers to gain a sense of context and setting for their attire, through their business lives, their casual and family lives – we want to make you feel comfortable in what you wear, feel well dressed, relevant right now and look good.


So, if any of this chimes with you and you feel that you could do with a bit of a helping hand, some advice and some fun with your wardrobe, please get in touch with us or drop by and pay us a visit, any time – we are here to help and work with you.


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